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Essential Pet Care for Your Beloved Companion

We passionately advocate that daily pet care isn't just a luxury, but a fundamental requirement for your beloved companion's overall well-being. We firmly believe that just like us, pets thrive with daily doses of attention, exercise, and care.

Expertise in Caring for Skittish Pets

Our proficiency lies in the art of caring for pets that may be a bit shy or skittish. We recognize that these pets require a gentle touch and a patient approach. Our exceptional ability allows us to establish trust and form a strong bond even with the most nervous pets.

Bespoke Pet Care Solutions

We place your pet's specific needs, personality, and preferences at the forefront of our care. Our approach is designed to understand and cater to your pet as an individual, not merely a member of a particular breed. By crafting personalized solutions, we ensure that your pet's physical and emotional well-being is nurtured in a way that resonates with their distinct character.

Supportive Pet Parent Community

We understand the challenges and joys of pet ownership. That's why we've created a vibrant community where pet owners can come together, share their experiences, seek guidance, and build lasting connections. Our support groups, led by industry experts, provide a safe space for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for pets.


Sniffari Experience

Sniffari Scavenger Hunt

  • 20 min-$35.00 (1 dog)
  • 30 min-$45.00 (Multiple dogs)

Pricing takes into consideration the setup time for dog scavenger hunts, providing a treat toy, and the activity duration. It can be added to pop-in visits or walks upon request.

The pricing is per dog. If the service is requested as an add-on to our main services, the add-on will be discounted by 20% and added to the price of the main service.

Sniffari State Park Adventure

  • 60 min-$60.00
  • 90 min-$90.00

This service is a hiking service focused on your dogs' natural instinct to sniff. The focus is not on how many miles your dog hiked, but how many things your dogs got to sniff.

Daily Dog Walks

  • 15 min- $15.00
  • 30 min- $30.00
  • 45 min- $45.00
  • 90 min- $90.00*
  • 20 min and 60 min walks available upon request

*90 min walk can be split into 60/30 or be completed all at one time. Suspended during summer time due to extreme heat. May-September

All walks will be conducted on leash. We do not offer off leash walks. No pack walks- no exceptions. We focus on quality not quantity at Pawpins.

Daily Walk Packages

Out door Play

10 min play or enrichment in secure indoor/outdoor areas - $5.00

Sniffari Add on

15 mins Sniffari - $ 7.00

Available only for 30+ min walks

Pop-In Dog Visits

These visits are designed for dogs of all ages

Pop in for a single K9 visit

  • Pop in for a 20 min K9 $20:00 per dog
  • Pop in for a 40 min K9 $40:00 per dog

K9 pop in visit packages

  • Pop in for a 3 20min visits K9 $60:00 for 1 dog
  • Pop in for a 3 40min visits K9 $12:00 for 2 dogs
  • Pop in for a 3 60min visits K9 $180:00 for 3 dogs

The visits include feeding, enrichment activities and play time.

Pop-In Cat Visits

The visits include feeding, litter box cleaning and play time.

Feline like single Visits

  • Feline like a 20 min visit $20.00 per cat
  • Feline like a 40 MIN visit $40.00 per cat

Feline like package visits

  • Feline like 3 20 min visits $60.00 1 cat
  • Feline like 3 40 min visit $120.00 2 cats
  • Feline like 3 60 min visit $180.00 3 cats

Add-On Services

Enhance your pet's care with our range of add-on services. Choose from various options to tailor your pet's experience, such as a 10-minute sniffari add-on during their regular walk. For a creative twist, try "Furs and Fauvism," where your pets use their paws to create art masterpieces. These personalized extras add a touch of fun and enrichment to your pet's day.

  • Customize your pet's care with exciting add-ons.

  • Options include sniffari add-ons, creative art sessions, and more.

  • Add extra enjoyment to your pet's routine.

Discover the perfect service for your furry companion and ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve.

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