About Pawpins Petsitting LLC

About Pawpins Petsitting LLC

Pawpins Petsitting LLC was founded by Maya Gopalakrishnan in February of 2023. It started as a simple Instagram handle and transformed into a thriving small business. We brought together like-minded, conscientious animal lovers to provide reliable pet care services to families in need.

We believe that fancy services don't have to come with hefty price tags. That's why we're committed to making pet care accessible to all. We're rolling out innovative programs like our "Pay What You Can" initiative because we believe that pet care should be a necessity, not a luxury.

We prioritize daily pet care for busy individuals and extend our passion to care for all types of dogs and cats without any judgment or favoritism. Our daily dog walks range from a leisurely 15-minute stroll to an exciting 90-minute adventure in the beautiful city of Denver, ensuring we cater to pets of every temperament and energy level.

Our "Pop In Visits" provide your pets with quick breaks and mentally stimulating activities. These visits are opportunities for your pets to have some fun while you're away.

For the sniff-loving dogs out there, our "Sniffaris" are a dream come true. We explore the many trails of Denver, allowing your furry friends to indulge their senses like never before. And coming winter 2024, get ready for our "Sniffari Scavenger Hunts" – an exciting addition to our services. Using the Sniff Spot app, we'll book a private yard for a unique scavenger hunt, where your dogs will navigate the space using their noses to win rewards and treats.

We understand that each pet is a unique individual, and that's why our add-on services are designed to complement our primary offerings. We limit the number of pets we care for each day to ensure that every pet receives uninterrupted and undivided attention.

At Pawpins Petsitting, your pet's happiness is our top priority, and we're here to provide exceptional care and unforgettable experiences. Join our Pawpins family and experience pet care like never before!

About Aditi Gopalakrishnan

Hello there, I’m Aditi Gopalakrishnan, but everyone and their pets call me Maya. I grew up in Mumbai India and in 2007, our family moved from Mumbai to suburban NJ.

In 2021, I took a break from my pursuit of medical school to venture into the world of dog walking and pet sitting. This decision enabled me to direct my meticulous attention to detail and my ambition to help people toward establishing a successful pet care business.

As an immigrant, I'm living out the quintessential American dream, not just as a small business owner but also as a job creator. I'm more than a dog walker and pet sitter; I am the proud founder of a flourishing company, often jokingly referred to as 'sentient pet furniture.'

My diverse interests include cricket, a lifelong love for music, reading, and hiking. Additionally, I dedicated years to mastering the art of classical oil painting and gained valuable experience as an intern at an art gallery before the pandemic hit.

I began my journey in pet care with Rover and will always appreciate the platform for igniting my passion for this field. However, I soon recognized the importance of enhancing the quality of services for both my clients and myself. Despite not having formal expertise, my short stint as a Rover sitter exposed me to a wide range of dogs and cats.


Our mission is to provide top-tier, compassionate services that prioritize the well-being and happiness of your pets. We are pet enthusiasts who go above and beyond to ensure your furry friends receive the love, attention, and adventure they deserve.

Pawpins Petsitting LLC offers in-home pet care, pet sitting services, and more to pet parents across Cheesman Park, Capitol Hill, Alamo Placita, Park Hill, South Denver, and the surrounding areas.